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Chinese Investors Attracted to Overseas Property
Brief:With China looking to limit Chinese property investors with a raft of new legislations, Chinese investors are now looking abroad to expand their property portfolios.
13 local Chinese governments have so far introduced new policies to reduce the number of properties a family can buy. Initial deposits have also increased meaning the initial cost of buying investment properties has gone up.

The main area that Chinese property investors are looking to purchase additional real estate is the US with many American real estate brokerages claiming that they have seen a surge of interest in their portfolios from mainland investors. California is among one of the top areas that Chinese investors are said to be targetting in the US, along with Singapore, London and Vancouver. Chinese property investors are said to be attracted to the US because of the range of property available, the low interest rates, and the perceived good value for money. The yuan has also strengthened against many major currencies in the past two years meaning foreign property is increasingly attractive to Chinese investors.

Many of the areas that Chinese real estate investors are looking to buy in are predicted to see good property price increases in the next few years.

With rumours that the Chinese government is planning to make real estate policies even more stringent, it is anticipated that interest in overseas property and real estate from China will only get stronger in the coming months and years.

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