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Spanish developer brings in Feng Shui to attract Chinese buyers
Brief:A Spanish developer used Chinese traditional element 'Feng Shui'to attract Chinese buys.
A Spanish developer has come up with a novel way of increasing property sales by building a new project with Chinese style buildings aimed specifically at Asian buyers.

'The Chinese have a saying; crisis is synonymous with opportunity. We're building for the Chinese because they are a very wealthy community in Spain and the rest of the world,' explained Jose Parra, chief executive of the Spanish developer.

His company believes that expat Chinese will want to buy the homes designed using feng shui, a system designed to maximise positive energy flow. It has been known for Chinese buyers to reject a property on the advice of feng shui practitioners.

The project will break ground in September and aims to be completed in 2014 with the company planning a further 70 once the first scheme is finished. Beliefs in feng shui manifest most strongly in the designs of buildings in Hong Kong and Singapore.

For instance, a residential block facing Hong Kong's Repulse Bay waterfront has a hole in the middle purportedly to allow dragons that live on a mountain behind to drink water from the bay.


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