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Egyptian president addressing the opening of the Chinese-Egyptian Business Forum
Brief:The Chinese-Egyptian Business Forum was held successfully on August 28,the Egyptian President, Mohamed Mursi delivered a speech at the opening and itching for more investment.
The Egyptian President, Mohamed Mursi arrived in China for the first visit outside the Arab world for high-profile foreign trip on August 28. The president attended a series of events and delivered a speech at the Chinese- Egyptian business forum. The Investment Minister of Egypt made comments on the sidelines of the Chinese-Egyptian business forum in Beijing, which was attended by about 80 Egyptian entrepreneurs and representatives from 200 Chinese enterprises.

The visit aims to “attract Chinese investment in Egypt,” said presidential spokesman Yasser Ali. President Mohamed Morsi stressed that Egypt seeks to have a real partnership with China, urging Chinese investors to pump more money into the Egyptian market and promising at the same time to iron out all obstacles in front of them.

More than 1,100 Chinese enterprises have invested in Egypt. Egypt's business delegation has set out an ambitious target to quadruple Chinese investment, which stands at around $500 million now, within the coming three years.

It is the first time such a huge business mission has come to China from Egypt with such diverse representation covering all the vital economic sectors including infrastructure, construction, tourism, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and textiles. China Business Network attended Chinese-Egyptian business forum by invitation and had in-depth exchange of views with Egypt representatives.

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