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CBN and OPP join forces to create a 'one stop shop' for real estate and immigration companies attracting Chinese buyers
Brief:A powerful partnership has been created to help international real estate companies and immigration programs to cost effectively target Chinese Property Buyers, Investors and Emigrants.
After several months of discussions the two organisations with staff in China, the UK, the USA and India) and many years of experience have created a unique partnership aimed at making the lives of those real estate and immigration businesses targeting China significantly easier, less risky and generally more affordable.. 

CBN (China Business Network) is a consortium of organisations specialising in business consultancy and targeted marketing services for large numbers of Chinese and foreign authorities, businesses and other organisations.  

OPP (The Overseas Property Professional) is the business to business media for the international property industry. Its range of offers includes the magazine OPP China and a website and social media strategy in China. 

Benefiting from their rich experience on the China Wide Web, CBN operates vertical portals for supporting specific clients such as www.Soufang168.cn or www.findproperties168.net which is aimed at wealth Chinese individual investors wishing to investing in properties overseas and www.China–Invests.net or www.cn.china-invests.net which support state owned enterprises and Institutional Investors as well as large developers looking for suitable projects overseas to get involved with.

Together, both organisations offer an extremely wide range of services. Now, with the joint initiative, they will combine their skills and expertise in many areas and create an altogether more powerful proposition.
The range of services offered includes:
* Investor acquisition
* Event management
* Third party event booking
* Seminar arrangement
* Travel services
* Hotel services
* Interpreters
* Copywriting
* Translation
* Web development
* Online marketing
* Brochure design
* Media planning and buying
* High level investment support
* Staff recruitment
* Government connections
* Virtual office
* Company set up
* Agent acquisition
* Agent management
* Office set up
.....and much more 
COO of China Business Network, Adam Wu, commenting on the new alliance, said,
"we have admired OPP since even before they entered the Chinese market and we are pleased but not surprised to see their work yielding good results in China. We are now ready to work with OPP globally to bring their clients products and services that can create proper long term presence in this fantastic and exciting market".
OPP Commercial Director, Andy Grimley, added that,
"China Business Network is exactly the type of set up that we have been looking for as a partner. Too many companies have been seduced by the Chinese offering yet have wasted the opportunity and lots of money. We have thoroughly researched several options before concluding that China Business Network knows exactly what is needed in a complex market. We are extremely proud and excited to be working with them and we look forward to working as a strong and united force on many propositions for our clients".

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