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Invitation of the 2nd term of Beijing Overseas Property, Investment and Migration Exhibition
Brief:The 2nd term of Beijing Overseas Property, Investment and Migration Exhibition will be held on November 15th,2014, Beijing, lasting for two days and attracting dozens of companies and high-end projects around the world.
Exhibition information:
Time: From November 15th, 2014 to November 16th, 2014 (Saturday to Sunday)
Place: Beijing • National Agricultural Exhibition Center ( No. 16, North Road, East Third Ring)
Exhibition scale: 
Exhibition area: 3,000 square meters
Sponsors:China Investment Association
China Business Journal 
Organizational Unit:Beijing Zhongzhan Shiji International Exhibition Co., Ltd. 
                  Beijing Xiximu International Exhibition Co., Ltd. 
Previous review: 
 “The 2013 Beijing Overseas Property, Investment and Migration Exhibition” came to an end successfully in the National Agricultural Exhibition Center from November 2nd, 2013 to November 3rd, 2013. The exhibition brought dozens of companies of the United States, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Italy, Cyprus, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea and so on. Hundreds of high-end projects took part in the exhibition. During the time, the exhibition accepted more than ten thousand of professional investment immigration audiences in total around the country. The second term of “The second term of Beijing Overseas Property, Investment and Migration Exhibition” will continue to ally with "the Fourth China International Investment & Financing Fair" for exhibition. This exhibition is predicted to attract real estate developers of about hundred famous companies in global and centrally display high-quality real estate projects. At that time, Beijing Overseas Property, Investment and Migration Exhibition will be an all-round display, communication, trade, promotion platform with the help of which the exhibitors face to high-end consumer group. 
Venues advantage: 
National Agricultural Exhibition Center is located in No.16, North Road, East Third Ring, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It adjoins to Beijing CBD business district at the south, to dozens of star hotels such as Great Wall Hotel, Landmark Hotel, Kempinski Hotel, and Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Mall and so on together with business office buildings and international trade area at the north, and to Beijing’s largest foreign embassy district at the west. It just takes 5-minute walk to Sanlitun Bar Street. The geographical location is advantageous and the transportation is very convenient by extending in all directions. It just takes 20-minute car driving from venues to Capital International Airport. There are 40 bus lines in the front of venues. Beijing Metro Line 10 has stop in front of the venues, providing good transportation and accommodation condition for exhibitors and audiences. 
Scope of Exhibits: 
Overseas real estate developers and agencies, immigration agencies and overseas investment projects agency.
Land, farms, wineries investment, foreign government investment attracting, educational institutions and overseas Chinese mall investment attracting institutions. 
Sino-foreign cooperative school, international high school, language training institution and university-preparatory school.
Law firms. Banks and financial institutions and international investment advisory bodies.
Overseas residences, office buildings, resort hotels, high-end apartments, villas, investment institutions, etc.
Booth prices:
◎ Standard Booth 9 m2(3mx3m): 22,500 Yuan per booth.  12 m2(3mx4m): 30,000 Yuan per booth.
◎ Vacant land ( The minimum rent area is 36m2): 2,000 Yuan per square meter.
The booths include:
1. Company’s lintel board in Chinese and English, information desk, round glass table, four chairs, a vertical data frame, KT board production of posters in the booth (three pieces of single turnout and two pieces of double turnout). Each booth provides two people’s working lunch, drinking water, two spotlights, carpet, and 220v power outlet and cleaning services. 
2. The vacant land only provides site with corresponding area, not including any matched facilities. Please rent them additionally if necessary. 
Value-added service
Project promotion meeting: 10,000 Yuan and 30 minutes per meeting. Organizing Committee provides sites, sound, lamps, and chairs and matched facilities and helps invite relevant professionals to attend. (You can apply in advance to the Organizing Committee for overtime in special condition). Please send a summary of the content in advance to sponsors.
Powerful media publicity campaign
Effective protection of visitors: Domestic and foreign media reports, newspaper media, magazines, websites publicize widely and actively make members of various parties support this exhibition. A full range of promotional strategies ensure the success of the exhibition.
Unique brand publicity: 30,000 tickets are free in the whole country. 50,000 half-price tickets are sent in advance. 30,000 invitation letters are mailed directly. 100,000 leaflets are handed out to similar exhibitions. 
High-quality audience group: hand out a great number of exhibition invitation letters and invite professional audience to the site for visiting before the exhibition through high-end consumer group data base owned by sponsors and audience information collected by official website of exhibitions in previous terms. 
Strong participation of the mainstream media: the exhibition is predicted to attract great attention from more than hundred media at home and abroad. Media at home and abroad such as China Daily, Global Times, Can Kao Xiao Xi, China Real Estate News, Beijing Daily, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Morning Post, Beijing News, The Mirror, Beijing Times, Sina Real Estate News Channel, Find Properties Overseas, China Invests Overseas, Sohu, Soufun, Netease estate, Tencent, Big Home.com, Phoenix.com, Hexun.com, haiwaisoufang.com, Aushome, Universal homes, Xinhua net, ilongterm.com, Fangau.com, ACproperty.com.au, CBN, Top Realtor and so on will track and report the exhibition in a full range.
Contact information:
Beijing Zhongzhan Shiji International Exhibition Co., Ltd. 
Contact person: Mr. Fang 18810517515

Source:Beijing Overseas Property, Investment and Migration Exhibition

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