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Dubai Real Estate Showcased to 3,000 Chinese Investors
Brief:As the Dubai property market continues to offer high yields, Chinese investors welcomed the emirate’s premiere real estate exhibition to Hong Kong.
The Dubai Property Show, Dubai’s premiere real estate exhibition, welcomed Chinese investors for the first time at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition this week.
Running for three days with around 3,000 potential buyers expected to visit, entry is free and will include access to seminars focusing on local Dubai legislation and finance and regulations regarding property.
This is the first time Chinese investors have had the opportunity to learn more about Dubai real estate and enjoy direct contact with developers.
Wealthy Chinese investors find Dubai’s property market attractive as they believe they can achieve returns that far surpass those available in cooling property locations including Hong Kong and Shanghai. Dubai is also set to see property prices increase within the next few years as it prepares to host Expo 2020, the six-month long exhibition that will draw at least 25 million additional visitors to the emirate.
Sultan Al Suwaidi, Partner of Sumansa Exhibitions, the organiser of the event, commented: “Chinese find investment in Dubai real estate far more lucrative because it’s three times cheaper than property in their top cities, and offers more profitable returns such as high rental yields in the range of 7% to 10%, than property investments in markets such as Hong Kong or London.”
The Chinese population in Dubai has grown by 53% in the last five years, increasing from 150,000 to 230,000. This increase in population will mean higher demand for property in Dubai, but also an increased awareness of the value property investment in Dubai presents.
Another driver of Chinese interest in Dubai is the increasing number of Chinese nationals studying in the country, with the number of students up by 170% in the last five years.

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