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Chinese Property Investors Flock to Phuket
Brief:More Chinese property investors are expected to flock to Phuket mainly due to the proximity and holiday atmosphere.
Charles Pittar, CEO of a international website based in China, told the Phuket News that he is predicting interest in Phuket property from Chinese buyers to increase substantially.
“The past 12 months have seen strong growth in Chinese interest in Phuket, which they have really only discovered in big numbers during the last couple of years,” Pittar explained. “The real estate industry in Phuket should use this time to improve its ability to reach and to service buyers from China.”
Chinese overseas real estate investment has grown significantly in recent years increasing from USD5 billion in 2010 to USD52 billion in 2014. The Phuket News noted the figure could rise to be as much as USD220 billion by the end of the decade.
Pittar has received feedback from Chinese property investors that indicated one reason Thailand’s popularity is increasing is because of its proximity to their homeland. In addition to this, the holiday atmosphere, especially in Phuket, makes it an ideal place to purchase a residence that can be used as a getaway spot.
“Overall, our buyers prefer new property rather than existing homes. They are looking for as much in terms of luxury finishes and services as they can get for their money,” Pittar pointed out.
“Thailand is almost purely a lifestyle and investment destination, unlike say the US or the UK, where one of the top motivations is to purchase a home for their children to live in while in the country for their education.”

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