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Sunac's ONE SINO PARK project in Dongjiadu grandly launched

SHANGHAI, April 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 11th, Sunac China held a press conference at one of Shanghai's landmarks, the Peace Hotel, to announce the name for its ONE PARK series project at Dongjiadu on the South Bund, where the land parcel is located. The press conference launched the project globally and attracted much attention from global high-net-worth individuals, a testament to Sunac's commitment to taking a lead in high-end projects and providing Chinese families with better lives.

Sunac's ONE SINO PARK project in Dongjiadu grandly launched
Sunac's ONE SINO PARK project in Dongjiadu grandly launched

The press conference, with the theme of "Reimagine the Future with the Bund", focused on the global future value of the Bund, and announced the project name as Sunac - Bund ONE SINO PARK. While the project has inherited its name from Sunac's top-of-the-class property development project series One Park (or Yihaoyuan in Chinese), it is also worth noting that the name ONE SINO PARK is granted only to the most premium projects of the One Park series, which is regarded as a tribute to the Bund's world-class location.

This development project, hailed as the last piece of undeveloped land on the Bund, is situated in the Dongjiadu area on the South Bund, a prime location in the Huangpu district. It is in the vicinity of the Huangpu River and Yu Garden and encircled by the Bund, People's Square, Nanjing Road, the Old Wharf and Dongjiadu Financial City, as well as well-established educational and medical facilities. This land parcel covers a total area of 1.29 million sq. ft, with a gross floor area of 6.76 million sq. ft.

Dongjiadu is a key functional area for the city's development in internet finance and innovative finance models and part of the city's blueprint to develop into a global city of excellence.

A cosmopolitan city under the One City and One Belt strategy

In 2008, China put forward a strategic plan for the Integration of the Bund, with a focus on financial innovation and financial services. This strategy has resulted in the congregation of financial services together in the Bund area together with Lujiazui, and attracted a great number of global developers and financial players to invest there. It was reported that amid this strategic backdrop, nearly 700 institutions, most of which were internet finance businesses, started to set up their footprints in the South Bund at that time.

In 2009, the state council announced that it was a national strategy to build Shanghai into a global financial center, with a focus on the complementary development of One City, namely the Lujiazui Financial City, and One Belt, the Bund Financial Agglomeration Belt. Dongjiadu area was expected to be built into an emerging financial center and a cosmopolitan 24x7 region, with over 21.5 million sq. ft of high-end commercial facilities.

With the integration of the global economy, more and more elites and billionaires across the globe are eyeing global investment opportunities. One57 Tower in Manhattan and London Hyde Park apartments, for example, are among the most preferred choices for steady investment portfolios, while real estate in Los Angeles and Boston are known for their academic atmosphere.

Unleashing the investment potential of the Bund with a top-notch project

Statistics show that the GDP of Shanghai in 2018 was over 3 trillion RMB while the figures of London and New York were over 4 trillion and 6 trillion RMB respectively. While some of the properties in downtown London and Midtown Manhattan have been priced at over 900,000 RMB per square meter in recent years, the potential investment value of the Bund in Shanghai, another world-class financial center, has yet to be fully realized, which presents a good opportunity for investment in underrated properties with great potential.

As introduced in the press conference not all ONE PARK series projects are named ONE SINO PARK. The Sunac - Bund ONE SINO PARK project is a transcendence over other existing Sunac projects in Shanghai, including Shanghai - Taohuayuan (or The Peach Garden), Binjiang One Sino Park, One Riviera Park in Lujiazui and Legend One, representing the best life quality of the city.

As the only real estate project available for sale within the core financial area of the Bund, it is expected to bring the potential value of Bund properties to an even higher level.

Aiming for better life and leading new urban fashion

A better life is the main driving force behind a city's upgrade efforts. Sunac China has spent years expanding its business to cover high-end luxury homes, culture and tourism, long-term rental apartments, industrial properties, commercial properties, hotels and property management. Moreover, the company has also taken an industry lead in high-end services with its rich experience, high-standards and integrated capabilities.

Adjoining the 1.2 million-square-meter Dongjiadu Financial City, the 420,000-square-meter Bund Finance Center (BFC), and the 50,000-square-meter Cool Docks, the Dongjiadu One Sino Park project boasts a panoramic view of Shanghai's prosperous urban life. Its 170,000-square-meter park-like commercial area is divided by two axes crossing at a point. East-west of the One Sino Park project is 500 meters of commercial green landscape, containing 12,000 square meters of central green space, while north-south is a 400-meter historical and cultural corridor containing: a baroque Catholic church, a 1715 merchant ship hall and other historical remains; Three on the Bund; the Bund 18; the Rockbund Art Museum; the Waldorf Astoria; the Peace Hotel; the Peninsula Shanghai; the Banyan Tree Shanghai on the Bund; the House of Roosevelt; and Shanghai Yacht Club.

The Shanghai Bund One Sino Park has turned Dongjiadu Financial City into an internationally desirable residence combining both professional and personal facilities and attractions. With delicateness in details and high quality construction, it will become the epitome of Shanghai's modern upscale diversified urban life. 

Setting industry standards

Based on real estate, Sunac has strategically upgraded itself from offering high-end properties to providing complete solutions for Chinese families to enjoy a better life by resource integration. Now it has developed a mix of four strategic deployments: Sunac Real Estate Group, Sunac Services, Sunac Culture & Tourism Group, and Sunac Culture Group.

Keeping in mind the idea of "Passion for Perfection", Sunac has built a complete and systematic set of capabilities in real estate development. One highlight is the One Sino Park series, which has become a symbol of China's premium residences and a supreme choice for the highest quality urban life.

While focusing on key cities in its expansion, Sunac has carried out more than 360 projects in over 80 Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen, and Hainan. By utilizing top-notch resources and experience, it keeps upgrading its positioning to keep pace with each city's overall competitiveness, so as to set a benchmark for the whole industry.

A start from the Bund

A great era is in store. Benchmarking itself against part of an international financial center, the Dongjiadu One Sino Park represents the beginning of Shanghai progressing into a global city of excellence and is a must for elites while making premium asset allocation decisions. It also symbolizes Sunac's unceasing pursuit of pushing the limits. With a gross floor area of 6.76 million sq. ft, the project is the only grand residence for sale in the Bund financial zone, and the imagination has just taken flight.

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