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Chinese Private Enterprise Helps Overseas Investment in Europe
Brief:Shanghai, March 24 – A large number of private enterprises recently start their layout of the overseas market under the implementation of the “one belt and one road” national strategy.
Jinke Investment Holding Group, a Shanghai based private enterprise yesterday signed a strategic cooperation agreement with West Hungary Innovation Center.
Hungary became another important way for Chinese citizens to realize their “European dream”: according to the agreement, with 250,000-euro investment, you can obtain the Hungarian Spa Town Holiday Villa property as well as permanent residence in the European Union.
China’s overseas investment of real estate in 2015 reached around USD $25 billion, 46% increase compared to 2014. Promoted by the national policy of “one belt and one road”, some foreign countries have become new highlight destinations of Chinese overseas buyers.
As the first European country signed the “One Belt and One Road” cooperation document with China, Hungary enjoys good economic foundation and perfect welfare system. Edit Banyasz, consul of Hungary in Shanghai introduced that Hungary now has preferential policies on tax and policy subsidies to attract foreign investment.
“We will become the only domestic partner with West Hungary Innovation Center and sole agent of European tourism real estate, business immigrants in Hungary, Austria and Germany as well as tourism cooperation business of 58 JUFA group hotels,” said Li Zhun, the chairman of Jinke Group.
The partnership will provide convenience for our center to do business in China, said Song Hao, co-partner of West Hungary Innovation Center during an interview. He confirmed that the cooperation will deepen the friendly relations between the two countries and help build a “corridor” linking China and Europe.


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